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Health and Safety Policy



This document is a statement of aims, principles and procedures for ensuring Health and Safety at BPTG and BB. It provides a framework for the creation of a safe environment in which to work and play. It is written for the benefit of all members of the group, to allow each to understand the policy of the group and their own responsibilities within this.

The establishment of a healthy and safe environment is an essential prerequisite to the work of the group. It is also a statutory requirement. It depends upon sound management, vigilant supervision and the cooperation of everyone (adults and children)

Health and safety is primarily the responsibility of the Group leader.


To provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from the group’s activities

To provide and maintain safe equipment

To ensure safe handling and use of substances

To prevent accidents to adults and children

To maintain a safe and healthy group environment.


Responsibilities within the policy.


The Leader is responsible for:

Recognising their responsibility for ensuring H&S policy rules are implemented in the group and written risk assessments are carried out.

Ensuring that safe working practices and procedures are applied within the group.

Regular monitoring to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is maintained

Establishing a system for reporting and recording accidents

Ensuring all members of the group are aware of their own responsibilities

Reviewing H&S policy and risk assessments and ensuring that the necessary revisions are undertaken

Taking active steps to ensure that equipment, buildings and grounds and systems work, are safe , secure and well maintained and that and damage is quickly repaired.

Ensuring that there are arrangements for the speedy evacuation of the building in the event of a fire or other emergency and that firefighting equipment is available and annually inspected.


ALL MEMBERS OF THE GROUP (Leader, Parents, Carers and Children) ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: Being fully aware of their role in maintaining a safe and healthy environment


Being familiar with all instructions and guidance on safety within the group.

Taking reasonable care for their own safety and that of others.

Reporting hazards without delay


Taking responsibility for the day to day operation of the H&S policy and procedures.


Promoting a spirit of safety consciousness amongst children, ensuring that they understand the need for codes of practice and are conscious of their responsibility in taking reasonable care for their own safety and that of others

Being good role models by being vigilant and careful

Taking quick, firm action to ensure that children are not allowed to jeopardize their own safety or that of others.




Develop a growing understanding of H & S Issues 

Conduct themselves in an orderly manner  

Take growing responsibility for their own safe conduct within the group 


PARENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO: Ensure their children attend in good health

Ensure early contact to discuss matters concerning H & S

Accept responsibility for the conduct of their children at all times

Ensure the group has an up to date contact address and phone number in the event of an emergency and sign the registration form to acknowledge they have read and are happy to abide by this policy.



Racial Equality Policy


BPTG and BB leadership will establish an ethos which reflects the group’s commitment to equality for all members.

The religious beliefs and practices of all members of the group will be respected. The group will comply with all reasonable requests relating to religious observance and practice.

 Racist incidents will be dealt with in accordance with LEA Guidelines.

The Art and Craft activities will promote positive attitudes to diversity. 

The group has high expectations of all children and aims to ensure that it is inclusive, in which all children have a sense of belonging and security, and feel that their contribution is valued. The group aims to cater for the dietary and dress requirements of religious groups wherever this is possible and reasonable. The leader is responsible for the day to day management of all group policies.


Safe Guarding Policy


We believe that children should feel confident and that if they have concerns someone will listen to them and take them seriously.

As confident children they will be able to:  manage risks successfully , protect themselves from harm.

Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies believes that adults play a role by:

Assessing risks and setting appropriate boundaries, protecting children from harm.

Safeguarding Children Co-ordinator

Adrienne Bilton will act as the Safeguarding Children Co-ordinator for Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies

The Safeguarding Children Co-ordinator will attend the relevant training offered by the Safeguarding Children Board.

Safeguarding Children -  Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies will safeguard children in terms of: The reduction of accidents and illness, Recruitment and selection of volunteers, Code of conduct for volunteers

 Child Protection

REDUCTION OF ACCIDENTS & ILLNESS Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies will:  Receive visits from Newcastle Action for Parent and Toddler Groups Initiative on a regular basis to receive advice and support.

 Accept an annual risk assessment from Newcastle Action for Parent and Toddler Groups Initiative.

Respond to a list of recommendations for change provided by Newcastle Action for Parent and Toddler Groups Initiative.

 Provide the appropriate insurance.


In order to safeguard children Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies will ensure that all volunteers are aware of and agree to follow the details of this policy.



Staff and/or volunteers will:  speak to children in a calm, respectful and appropriate manner, which is non-discriminatory or involves the use of foul or abusive language. Not smack any child.  Avoid being left alone with a child. Be good role models for children.  Listen to children.  praise children. Any breaches of this code could lead to disciplinary action or removal from the Parent and Toddler Group

Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies will:  provide sessions in an environment when bullying, smacking, shouting, racism, sexism and the use of foul and abusive language are not permitted.  Create a healthy environment free from smoke. Provide appropriate risks and challenges within which children feel valued.  Adopt the code of conduct for themselves and members of their group.


Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies will provide an environment where children are safe from physical, sexual and emotional abuse and will not be neglected. 

CRB Clearance Where appropriate the Group Leader/s will undertake a criminal records bureau check.

Child Protection Procedure Brunton Park Parent and Toddler Group & Brunton Babies acknowledge that there may be occasions during which incidents of, or suspected incidents of child abuse are brought to light. These incidents may be reported by:  the parent or carer of the child, other adults attending the parent and toddler group, the child.

Any complaint or report of suspected or actual abuse or of children being put at risk will be taken seriously and acted upon immediately.  The Safeguarding Children Co-ordinator will record the following details using the form attached.

During the recording of any incident the Safeguarding Children Co-ordinator must be aware of confidentiality issues. 


Fire Safety Policy


 In accordance with NAPI recommendations a fire drill must be carried out once per term to ensure everyone is familiar with the group procedures in the event of an emergency.

Everyone must sign the attendance register at the beginning of the session (including any visitors). This becomes the role call in the event of an evacuation and is essential.

If you leave early and even if you intend to return during that session, please put a tick by your name in the book so that is clear you have left the premises.

When the fire alarm sounds, please make your way calmly to the nearest fire exit. There are two in the hall – one just next to the stage, the other next to the store cupboard.

Our meeting point is on the grassy area at the front of the building. Please watch your children as there are busy roads close by.

The leader will check the kitchen, toy cupboard, toilets and lobby area before leaving.

The leader will bring the register on the way out so a role call can be carried out. Please remember that some people have more than one child, and may need some extra help.

The safety of you and your children are paramount

 Privacy Notice (GDPR)


This document sets out our approach to ensuring that the data we process as part of BB/BPTG is done so in accordance with the law. This privacy notice applies to the data we collect from individuals registering as a member of the group or enquiries via our website or social media sites and explains why we process data, and how we ensure your privacy is respected in accordance with the law.

Who we are?

Brunton Babies and Brunton Park Toddler Group is a small business operating children’s play activities at St Aidan’s Community Centre/Church in Gosforth. It is managed by Adrienne Bilton operating as a sole trader.

 What information do we collect?

We collect contact details for people who  want to become members of the group for health and safety reasons ( needed in case of an accident or emergency during a session)  The personal data we collect and process is usually a name and standard contact details (email address, mobile phone number, address). We collect this data via a registration form. We do not collect sensitive personal data, or financial information, and we do not share information with third parties.

How do we use personal information?

We use contact details to inform members about special activities we may be running or essential information about the group. (for example last minute closures) This is usually a single contact, usually by email.

We also may use the information to contact a family member should there be an emergency.

 What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

All of our data processing is carried out on the grounds of legitimate interest. Where our legal basis is legitimate interest, we rely on this because we need to be able to contact people in order to advise them about essential and useful information. Where our legal basis is consent, individuals can contact us at any time to request that their details are removed, or to provide us with alternative contact details.

When do we share personal data?

We treat your personal data confidentially, and information is not shared outside our organisation.

All of the data we process is carried out within the EEA.

How do we store and secure personal data?

All data processing is carried out using personal laptops, mobile phones and devices. Files and devices are password protected, and our main databases are stored on Incredimail and we rely on their security to ensure good practice in respect of the security of this data.


 How long do we keep your personal data for?

 Our database recording member’s names is kept indefinitely.

Your rights in relation to personal data.

You can exercise your rights in accordance with the GDPR at any time. Individuals who have given their consent to register as a member may request that their details be removed at any time. You may raise any concerns or complaints concerning your data with us at any time, and you also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner.

How to contact us?

 Due to the limited amount of data we process, and the scale of our organisation, we have not appointed a dedicated data processing officer, however Adrienne Bilton will be happy to deal with enquiries relating to data. We can be contacted via our website,

Facebook page

or by calling/texting 07742522832



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